Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh my gosh, the summer has gone by so quickly! I really have got to get back to updating more regularly.

In the past few months, I've gotten my own apartment, rehabbed some thrift-store furniture, adopted a bunny, visited some friends and made some new ones, and gotten back into reading for pleasure. It's been a pretty good summer!

And as always, the craftyness continues! Right now I'm working on a pair of socks for my friend Doug, made with tofutsies yarn on size 1 needles. They're taking forever, because the gauge is so small, but I'm very pleased with the fabric it's making. He's requested a balaclava with it's own moustache, and I told him not to tempt me.

I've also gotten really excited about Japanese Book Binding. I've made a few of different sizes - three 8.5" x 5", one 8" x 8", and one 3" x 3". I also used a different technique on a 3" x 3" book - 8 folios with 10 pages each, sewn together at the crease and then stitched to a wrap-around cover. I'm not sure how sturdy that one is, but it is awfully cute! I'm really interested in learning lots of different techniques, including leather bound books.

Pictures will follow soon!

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