Friday, February 19, 2010

I've always loved The Shawshank Redemption, and as a stitcher, I was drawn to the needlepoint hanging in Warden Norton's office covering the safe. I recently decided to reproduce it, and looked everywhere for clear images of the needlepoint. I finally took some screencaps of my own and used my old Drafting & Rendering skills to chart out the pattern. That took a little over a week, and then I started in on the stitching.

I used 28 count Charles Craft Monaco fabric in Antique White, and the finished pattern measures 9"x 18". The frame is a little taller than I'd like, but I used one I already had. I may eventually get one custom made so it more resembles the one from the movie.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to tour Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, where Shawshank was filmed. It was really a wonderful tour and I highly recommend it. I'm thinking of making another needlepoint and sending it to them for display in their museum. You can check out the pictures I took on my tour at my Flickr site.

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  1. This is very nice. I was just surfing the internet for pictures and screen caps (there aren't a lot, as you said) so that I could draft my own pattern, and the picture of YOUR final version is nicer than anything I've found yet, so I will probably use it to try and draft my own pattern. Do you have any higher-resolution photos that you could send? If you didn't mind? My boyfriend mentioned that he'd always liked that wall-hanging and wanted it in an office or something, so I thought I'd make it for him for Christmas. You did an excellent job and I'm sure I could learn a lot by getting a better look at yours.