Saturday, February 14, 2009

Always Knitting

Things have been going pretty well over at Etsy. I've sold some of my hairpins, my drop spindle, and both my Eowin and Arwen necklaces. Soon I'll be putting up some stitch markers as well, and we'll see how they do.

I whipped up the Zaftig Bra last week, but instead of a 2.5" band, I kept right on going till about 11" to make a terriffic lounging tank. Unfortunately, I found the recommended yarn to be really a little too stretchy for my taste. It may end up on Etsy as well, and perhaps I'll try again with a regular cotton yarn. But at any rate, it's a quick knit and fun to make. I even learned to do short rows with the help of The Knit Witch's great youtube videos. Her instructions are easy to understand and see, and it makes everything so easy.

Now I've cast on for my own variaton of Knitty's Tubey sweater. I'm doing the whole thing in black cotton with a 2x2 rib. I may add some hem and cuff details I like from a Gap sweater I have, but I'm keeping it fairly simple. It's my "homework knitting" - something simple I don't have to think about or look at to keep my hands busy while I do my reading for class. 

I'm using Addi Turbos for the first time, and I'm surprised at how much I like them. Before, I've used Clover's bamboo circs, and while I love the wood for the natural feel, the monofilament cable just isn't very flexible. Addi's cable is much nicer and I may stick with it. I've also discovered how much I like knitting rows on my circs. I have a bad habit of losing the free needle while my work is stashed in my bag. After a needle falls out of your bag for the second time, it gets expensive (not to mention infuriating)! I may even be moved to de-stash some of them when I next get ready to move. 

Just in case that wasn't enough, I've also cast on for laceweight project. Instead of swatching, I'm making a little headband. I know swatching is super-important, but I just hate to waste the yarn on something useless. And lord knows I'm up to my eyeballs in fabric swatches already. So instead, I'll make something small and see if it's appropriate for what I'm working on. Unfortunately in this case, I don't think it'll be right. I'm still in search for the perfect pattern.

Coming soon: Valentine's Day crafty goodness!

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