Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flammarion Woodcut

For my painting class, I reproduced the Flammarion Woodcut - an anonymous woodcut depicting a pilgrim peeking through veil of the sky to see the inner workings of the universe. Though its original date is suspect, 1888 seems likley; the color was added in 1998.

My version is black acrylic, with the tinting done in gouache, on canvas board. I opted to leave my border uncolored, and I think it sets it apart from the illustration nicely.

The next thing for painting class is to see what I can do about using the mood and style of the above work to inspire a costume design of some type. I did some sketching in class and have a sort of Galadriel-meets-Renfaire thing going on. I'll post it after it's painted.

Another class I'm taking is a "costume problems" class. A large component of the class is focusing on makeup, both for stage and screen. Since the last Ben Nye I bought was cinnamon base and I've long since given away all my white-girl makeup, it was time for a whole new kit. If any interesting photos develop, I'll post those as well.

In my crafting life, I've made a zillion cute bobby pins, I'm fighting with double-pointed knitting needles in a renewed determination to figure out sock knitting, and I've purchased the supplies for turning my old clarinet into a lamp. I have more ideas than time, as usual! I'll let you know how those things go, too.

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  1. I have a freind on facebook that has that woodcut as his profile picture. I never knew what it was from. I totally want a cute bobby pin for my birthday! Love you dear. I love your blog!